D&D miniatures - Unhallowed - Preview 2

Van richten Strahd

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Shandar the Ashen a dit…

Neither of these minis look much like previous artwork for the well known Ravenloft characters. Richten always seemed to me to be much more like a Peter Cushing type than this, and the Who's Doomed of Ravenloft describes him as a 3rd level thief, but this mini looks like a 6th level priest!

I don't really think the Strahd mini does the character justice either. When WOTC did a Lord Soth, it was nearly exactly like the artwork from the Dragonlance materials.

I know they gave Elminster a makeover, but WOTC's "pimp my character" tendencies don't excite an old hold out like myself--but then, I'm not their primary demographic.

I'm also not crazy about the paint jobs on these, and since they usually do the previews with their master paint version, I wonder what to expect from the paint on the minis I actually end up buying.